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I found a cat today

I found a cat today

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#it was actually Thursday but shhh #we named him Lionel messi

if it’s true that isis wants to invade the us through the texas border holy shit i’m gonna die that’s literally the one place you don’t want to go through texans will take them down before the military even gets there shit 

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#go in through minnesota or something #maine would be good

yes i will be attending any college that has an auntie anne’s on campus

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ya girl could go for some auntie anne’s right about now

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idk what this show is that i’m watching right now but it’s funny and i think it’s set in philly 

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yeah don’t reblog my readmores some of you do it and ily but they’re under a readmore for a reason

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imagine the UN making diving illegal so every member of the Montreal Canadians has to look for new jobs but their only skill is tactfully diving

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